About Us

About Us

Act as a preferred partner for our customers in the Africa region who are able to provide a complete cost-efficient, quality and comprehensive products and services that continually meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Long term partnership with major customers globally.


RAK Resources Group FZE is an established Contractor with a reputation for delivering excellence and expert integration into Projects. We are a well-established company, with a wealth of experience in the procurement, Heavy Equipment and logistics field, developed over years of completing successful large scale projects and Consultancy services around the globe. Through our Hub in the in the U.A.E, our services are designed to relay and manage inventory according to your business requirements while achieving the speed, accuracy and flexibility needed in today’s dynamic supply chain.

We are exceptionally positioned to serve the world’s fastest-growing markets focusing on corporate customers, with a proven track record in global sourcing, shipping and logistics management needs, creating value through innovative and designed programs. We have over the years specialized in supply of Heavy Earth moving machinery and Spare parts. We have sourced and supplied a range of leading brands including Komatsu, Hyundai, Sarry, and Caterpillar equipment’s and spare parts.

We supply materials, heavy construction equipment, in the building and construction industry and we provide logistics and handling services all the way from manufactures to the project site. We have provided specialized tailor made solutions for our customers in the past, offering full design, setup supply and implementation of goods and equipment for several projects.

Our reach through the U.A.E hub enables us to trade with global companies for the best pricing, sourcing of products and supply using the centralized logistics hub from the UAE.

RAK Resources Group FZE is a global procurement and project management consultancy that specialize in road construction designs by providing the needed plans, strategies to ensure the full success of a project. We provide contractual framework to our clients in road construction and building construction projects, by providing a professional, smooth and accountable service to our clients.


We ensure the promise and commitment to all our deliveries. We ensure we meet stakeholder needs, operational to all sizes of organizations globally, we align organizational objectives with customer needs and expectations to meet customer requirements
and we aim at exceeding customers’ expectations and manage customer relationships.

Our primary objectives are to act as a preferred partner for our customers in the Africa region. Within a strongly developed team and deployment of leading edge technology at our hands, RAK Resources Group FZE is able to provide a complete cost-efficient and comprehensive products and services that continually meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

At RAK Resources Group FZE, we strive to develop and maintain a first-class infrastructure to ensure sustainable profit growth and creating improved company value.